Hi, this is Hampus and thank you for stopping by my corner of the world.

For the one looking to find you might learn that I started in my youth by playing ice-hockey at the age of 5. I'm born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I'm living on an island in Spain where I far from my origin, that being snow and ice now practice present and movement kite-surfing on the ocean down here.

Hopefully you have gotten to like some of my expressions that took you to this point. With that said the change of creating my first solo album "Nomads Land" was based on a radical change from one reality to another. We talk about letting go, to jump over the ledge, to cross a barrier of free fall into finding our path or existance. It sounds great, almost poetic. But to make it less dramatic leading to the point of decision for me, was that I came from a great job with all the benefits it includes to taking a chance of doing something that fulfills me completely.

This was the need to create my own music that enables emotion to myself and to others. Creating themes, melodies and sounds to a story of moving pictures is to capture a feeling, maybe a reflection if so through escape or dream, to enable the bridge between vision and fantasy. Something we all can unite and possibly relate to.

Having shown my true colors, or I hope you find it so, I'm honored that you want to follow me on this journey.